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#636 Plantar Plate Imaging: MRI vs. Ultrasound

Every time a runner calls me who has a plantar plate sprain, they’re trying to figure out how they can know for sure they actually do have a plantar plate sprain. They often also want to know how bad the plantar plate injury really is.

When you’re a runner, the problem with plantar plate sprains is that many doctors will offer a standardized cookie cutter approach.

I most often help runners get better without surgery.

That’s not because I’m a better doctor. It is because I really put a lot of attention into educating injured runners about how to do all of the additional things to get the injury to heal quickly…so that they can skip the surgery.

One way to start healing faster is by imaging the plantar plate to determine the extent of tissue injury.

Plantar plate imaging, MRI vs. Ultrasound.

That’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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#473 Heel neuritis doctor did alcohol injection with ultrasound is it a scam?

This episode actually comes from a question I got during the live question and answer period at the end of a talk I was giving at the International Foot and Ankle Foundation meeting in Hawaii.

The question was about one of the conditions that can often be misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis, and that’s a condition called medial calcaneal neuritis.
With this condition a nerve on the inside of the heel becomes inflamed and painful.
In short, the patient had alcohol injection under ultrasound guidance by another doctor, but the condition dod not get any better.
The question from the doctor in the audience was basically asking me what my opinion about that procedure using ultrasound.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about heel neuritis in a situation where a doctor did an alcohol injection with ultrasound and another doctor wanted to know if that was a scam.

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#472 MRI vs Ultrasound which is better for Plantar Fasciosis or Partial Rupture

A doctor at a medical conference asked me a great question!

I was giving a lecture at the International Foot and Ankle Foundation meeting in Hawaii on runners heel pain, specifically about the, what we call the differential diagnosis or the things that can cause runners heel pain.

In that talk I was also teaching about the differences in treatments between runners like us, and non-runner patients with heel pain.

At the end of that lecture a doctor wanted to know which kind of imaging study was better for a runner with a suspected small tear in the plantar fascia ligament.

Today on the Doc on the Run Podcast, we’re talking about MRI vs Ultrasound. Which is better for Plantar Fasciosis or Partial Rupture in a runner?

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