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Midfoot Pain

Extensor Tendonitis

Coming soon!   What is Extensor Tendonitis? The extensor tendons are a group of tendons on the top of the foot.  They start up in the front of the leg (in the anterior anatomic compartment) and pass down the leg along the shin, in front of the ankle, and across the top of the foot […]

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Lisfrancs Injury

A Lisfranc’s Injury is a traumatic injury of the tarsaometatarsal complex in the midfoot. This area on the top of the foot is where the 5 metatarsal bones connect with the lesser tarsal bones (medial cuneiform bone, intermediate cuneiform bone, lateral cuneiform bone, and cuboid bone). There is one main ligament in the midfoot that stabilized Lisfranc’s joint.  The ligament […]

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