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The #1 Podcast For Injured Runners


This podcast is for injured runners. Those who have been told (or worry) that running is at the root of their trouble.

If you are listening to this podcast you’re probably a runner. And you have probably been told by your friends, your family and maybe even your doctor that running is the cause of your trouble and that you need to run less.

But deep down inside you don’t just like running you feel like you have to run in order to be healthy, fit and sane. This podcast simply helps injured runners understand their condition better, and keep running.








#550 Leg Soreness From Balance Training For Runners

He was actually explaining what he was getting in terms of muscle soreness and we discussed whether or not it was really…

#549 What Is Primary Repair Plantar Plate Ligament Surgery?

What exactly is primary repair of the planter plate? Well, that’s a surgery where we actually go in and sew it back together. We fix it. We repair it.

#548 Get Back To Running In 30 Days With Jill Angie Not Your Average Runner

When other doctors ask me what I do, I tell them rather simply I help runners figure out how to stay fit, hang onto their running fitness and get

#547 Why Bone Surgery For Plantar Plate Repair

You could have bone surgery, you could have ligament surgery, tendon surgery, or joint surgery and of course, when you have an injury to only…

#546 Waiting For X-Ray Of Stress Fracture Miss The Window

The worst patient, the worst runner to call me for a second opinion is someone who has been in a fracture walking boot or not running for 12 weeks or so. Why is that so bad?

#545 Tendon Surgery For Plantar Plate Repair

If you are a runner and you’re thinking about surgery, you’re probably maybe thinking about a second opinion, but maybe just doing your initial research, but some doctor has probably already

#544 Stress Fracture Wishes As Fodder For Facts

Some of the wishes are things like, well, I want to run. The second one is I don’t want there to be a crack on my x-ray. Some facts are, well, my podiatrist took an x-ray and there was no crack.

#543 2 Joint Surgeries For Plantar Plate Repair

This is a really important thing to understand. There’s two different kind of procedures. They both have different risks and benefits, and we’re going to talk briefly about…

#542 How To Avoid Bias During Running Injury Second Opinion

When you get a second opinion, bias is the worst possible thing, because it’s very difficult for a doctor to change their mind once they think they know what’s going on.

#541 4 Surgical Procedures For Torn Plantar Plate Ligament

I think t’s really helpful if you’re really frustrated, you’re really demoralized and you’re in this very vulnerable place where…


#540 No Proof No Permission To Run

There’s a reason doctors don’t give you permission to run, and there are really four ways that you can tell, ways you can…

#539 Restarting And Running Again After Surgery With Martha Runs The World

A couple of years ago Martha was on the podcast talking about how hip arthritis has impacted her running and how…

#538 Marathon Method Of Running Injury Recovery

This is the thing I came up with when I actually was thinking about what I do differently with runners now that I’ve been for about a decade…

#537 Runner’s Heel Pain That Might Be Plantar Fasciitis Or Insertional Achilles Tendinitis

The heel pain was in a little bit of an unusual area, the heel pain wasn’t exactly on the bottom, the heel pain wasn’t exactly…

#536 Success Is Spelled ACTION With Gary Stotler

Gary’s not just an incredible athlete but he’s also a personal development expert. Today were really fortunate to have him back…

#535 Plantar Plate Sprain Misdiagnosed As A Neuroma?

Let’s say you have this aching pain in the ball of your foot. You’ve been running and when you run, you get some sort of weird aching…

#534 Best Protocol For Runners Is A Customized Recovery Plan!

The thing is, and what I was telling them is there are a few things that I use as protocols. When I say my protocol or a doctor says protocol…

#533 What Is A Grade 5 Metatarsal Stress Fracture?

If you’re a runner and you think you have a grade five stress fracture because your radiology report said that or some doctor told you…

#532 3 Best Methods Of Diagnosing Extensor Tenosynovitis In Runners

What are the three best ways to diagnose extensor tenosynovitis in runners?

#531 If You Are Recovering From Injury…Don’t Focus On Plan B!

The way that I thought about this episode today is that I just got off the phone, I was on a consultation with a runner and…

#530 2 Ways To Modify A Fracture Walking Boot For A Plantar Plate Sprain

He was going through the plantar plate course and he was actually trying to figure out what to do, and he was going to…

#529 The Best Free Advice For An Injured Runner

I recently got a call from someone who had a son who was in cross country and he’s been having some trouble. He’s had several weeks of not running…

#528 Should I Use A Boot For Shin Splints

Believe it or not, most of the time when I see a runner, either on webcam or in their home, and they have shin splints…

#527 Pain Is A Guide But Only If You Read The Signs

One of the doctors asked me about how I make these decisions and I explained to them was that the worst piece of advice I myself ever…

#526 Is A Boot Enough For A Tibial Stress Fracture In Runners?

If you get a tibial stress fracture, the chances are really good that the doctor’s going to do something to really restrict your running…

#525 Nothing In Medicine Is Free Especially With Running Injuries

A fracture walking boot is one of the simplest and most-often-prescribed treatments for overtraining injuries in runners and although fracture walking boots maybe inexpensive…

#524 3 Ways Plantar Plate Injuries Occur In Runners

I talk to injured runners all the time. I lecture at medical conferences, teaching doctors what I do with runners who have these plantar plate injuries and…

#523 Finally The Correct Answer On How Long Before You Can Run After Injury

At the beginning of that lecture, I was asking the group of doctors there and I said, “Well, if you had a runner with a fourth metatarsal stress fracture and they had this level of pain…

#522 How Long Until A Plantar Plate Sprain Is Completely Healed?

I just got off the phone with a runner who had a plantar plate sprain. He was out on a run…

#521 Running Fitness Is Transient

One of the most important points I was trying to make to the doctors in that session was that fitness is transient.

#520 Why Do Plantar Plate Sprains Take So Long To Heal In A Runner?

Injuries can happen in this spot for lots of different reasons. Regardless of the plantar plate sprain cause, the unfortunate reality is this…

#519 Injured Runner Or Recovering Runner?

Then there are other runners I see who are basically demoralized and depressed because they’re stuck in a rut.

#518 How Long To Wait Before Running With A Stress Fracture?

I got a question from a runner who’s had a metatarsal stress fracture who’s very frustrated, who’s trying to figure out…

#517 I Am Not Built To Be A Runner

I just got off a consultation call with a runner who called me for a second opinion, and she had an injury. She actually said that a doctor told her she…

#516 Rest = Recovery

But injured runners call me for a second opinion when they are told that complete rest is essential to recovery from a running injury.

#515 I Cannot Run Because It Got A Running Injury

They call me because they’re frustrated because they’re runners, they got a metatarsal stress fracture, or a plantar fasciitis, or a plantar plate ligament sprain, or Achilles tendonitis.

#514 The Slippery Slope Of Running Injury Recovery

A running injury is always bad. No runner is ever happy to have a stress fracture or to have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis…or something worse.

#513 Should A Runner Have Surgery For A Plantar Plate Tear?

If you are a runner with a plantar plate injury, it is pretty easy for a doctor to make a convincing sales pitch on surgery. There are a couple of reasons…

#512 Should An Injury Runner Assess Running Form?

I was recently doing a webcam visit with an injured runner and he wanted to know whether or not he should try to work on his running form…

#511 Can A Stress Fracture Spread From One Metatarsal To The Bone Next To It?

One thing that’s really demoralizing if you get a stress fracture is to spend a bunch of time in a fracture walking boot and then go get something like an MRI and be…

#510 How To Take An Honest Injury Inventory For Runners

The whole key to getting recovered as quickly as possible is letting the injury heal…while you work to maintain your running fitness so that you can get back to running faster.

#509 How To Tell Tenosynovitis From Neuritis In A Runner

If you’re a runner with running pain on the top of the foot, it could be lots of different things. The actual diagnosis depends on what happened…

#508 Injury Hackers Are Not Normal

If you’ve got an overtraining injury, but you’re trying to figure out how to stay fit, a lot of people are going to think that you’re not normal.

#507 Good News And Bad News

I just saw a comment on our YouTube videos from a runner named Mary. She viewed the video on permanent calf atrophy, and how that…

#506 Can I Run With Jones Fracture?

If you’ve been diagnosed you with a Jones fracture, you’re probably really worried right now because you may have been told you might wind up in surgery.

#505 Can I Ski With A Metatarsal Stress Fracture?

This may seem like a crazy question when you first think about it, because skiing seems like a high stress activity. But I have had lots of runners who…

#504 The 2 Most Important Questions For Recovering Runners

The difference between elite athlete who get better fast, and average runners who take forever to recover are the daily activities they focus on while recovering.

#503 First Aid For Metatarsal Stress Fracture In A Runner

Let’s say you’re out on a run and you start noticing this weird aching pain in your foot and so you suspect you have a metatarsal stress fracture. I often get consultation calls…

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