Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains – Treatment for those On-the-Go!


Ankle SprainsIf you think you have an ankle sprain, a house call may be just what you need. Our award-winning foot and ankle surgeon can come right to your home or office. No need to wait for 6 hours in the Emergency Room. We can see you between meetings at work, arrange x-rays (if needed) and get you on the path to recovery.

Ankle Sprains are Common. So are long waits in the E.R.

Did you know there are over 25,000 ankle sprains every day? With many of those injured aching rolled ankles showing up at the Emergency Room (along with all those with coughs, colds and flu) it is no surprise that you might have to wait in line. Research shows that the average patient wait in an Emergency Room in some states is as high as 5 hours. That’s a long time to sit around just too see if anything is really broken or not.

Expert care…NOW!

Our San Francisco-based ankle expert won an award from the American College of Foot Ankle Surgeons for his research on the accurate diagnosis of ankle fracture patterns. And we bring all that expertise right to you. The good news is that ankle fractures are very rare when compared to an ankle sprain. But even an ankle sprain needs quick treatment to remove the ankle pain, swelling and bruising.

If you are a busy weekend warrior with your weekday schedule as packed as your weekend, an in-office house call by a true ankle expert might be just the ticket to get you on the road to recovery without any delays.

Ankle sprains are the most single common musculoskeletal injury. Whether you are running on trails or had an errant run in with an invisible dog leash that led to your ankle sprain, you have to take the appropriate steps right away. You must reduce the inflammation, prevent any further damage and then rehabilitate the ankle quickly if you want to get back to running. This is critical if you like to run on trails or other uneven surfaces.

Best approach for ankle sprains and runners:

  • Protect the ankle and stop the inflammation.
  • Make sure that nothing is broken.
  • Determine the extent of the damage to the ankle ligaments and tendons.
  • Restore strength and flexibility with a runner focused home-rehabilitation program.
  • If you see any physician, she will evaluate your ankle and send you in the right direction. The only difficulty comes in when the doctor is not a runner is does not appreciate running injuries. In that case you may be immobilized for a longer period of time.

Keep in mind that that approach is not the wrong approach or the wrong thing to do, necessarily. However, there is always a cost to immobilization in runners with an injured ankle. The longer the period in mobilization, the more loss of strength, more ankle stiffness and decreased running fitness that can lead to an injury when she began running after your ankle is completely recovered.

The following resources may help you get started immediately

If you review these materials and are concerned you might have an ankle fracture (or severe ankle sprain) you should see if physician right away.

1. Do I need X-rays for an ankle sprain?
Not every sprained ankle needs an x-ray. In this video, Dr. Segler explains how ankle surgeons decide when x-rays are necessary.

2. If you sprain your ankle and want to get back to running as quickly as possible, it’s important to treat the sprain appropriately right away.

Depending upon the severity of the ankle sprain, you may already have notable ankle swelling as a consequence of the inflammatory process. If you want to stop the ankle swelling, inform us immediately if you want to get better as fast as possible.


Doc On The Run ankle sprain first aid instructions for runners                   Doc On The Run contrast bath instructions for runners

         Doc On The Run ankle sprain first aid instructions for runners                                                                             contrast bath


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Dr. Christopher Segler is a podiatrist and ankle surgeon who has won an award for his research on diagnosing subtle fractures involving the ankle that are often intially thought to be only ankle sprains. He believes that it is important to see the very best ankle sprain doctor in San Francisco that you can find. Fortunately, San Francisco has many of the best ankle sprain specialists in the United States practicing right here in the Bay Area. He offers house calls for those with ankle injuries who have a tough time getting to a podiatry office. You can reach him directly at (415) 308-0833. You can also learn more about ankle sprain symptoms, causes and treatments at