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Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot Problems

“The most amazing doctor I’ve ever met, such a great human being, explained things to me in terms I can understand. I can’t say enough about him. He saved my life and my leg. He’s The Greatest.”

John M. – living with diabetes
Dr. Segler has lectured extensively on Diabetic Foot related subjects and published numerous scientific abstracts related to the topic. He also was recently awarded 1st Place in the Category of Outstanding Resident Research for his Diabetic Foot related research at the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with Diabetes you probably already know of the numerous ways that diabetic feet can be damaged as a result of the disease. You probably also know this is preventable with the right care and early treatment. At Doc On The Run our podiatric surgeon has been extensively trained on the latest techniques in Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care, Limb Salvage and Prevention of diabetes related foot amputation.

Although Dr. Segler is well trained to treat diabetic wounds and other diabetic foot complications, both non-surgically and surgically, the focus is always on the prevention of these debilitating complications.

We believe that a high level of patient understanding about Diabetes is an important key to avoiding diabetic foot complications. For this reason, we spend a great deal of time with patients and their family members using easy to understand terms to provide a thorough diabetic foot education. We believe that simple fast, easy access to an expert during a house call is the most efficient way for you to get the expert diabetic foot care you need. We are now accepting new diabetic clients in the San Francisco Bay Area including Marin, the East Bay and the Peninsula.


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Dr. Christopher Segler is a podiatrist in San Francisco specializing in diabetic foot care and amputation prevention. He won first place from the American Podiatric Medical Association for his research on diabetes related foot bone infections. Realizing that many diabetic foot problems and amputations could be prevented just by personalized attention and the best access to a diabetic foot surgeon who will make house calls, he started offering his podiatry services to diabetics in San Francisco. He actually gives his cell phone number to his diabetic clients so that they never have to worry about what to do in an emergency. If you are a diabetic in the San Francisco Bay Area with a possible foot emergency and just want to speak with an expert, you can speak with him directly by calling Doc On the Run.