Advanced Treatments

Advanced Treatments



Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Christopher Segler currently offers stem cell therapy for three conditions they can be very difficult to heal in runners: chronic plantar fasciitis,

Achilles tendinitis and plantar plate injuries. Read More



PRP Injections

Before you consider a PRP injection, you should understand some basics about how the PRP injection works to help turn on tendon and ligament repair. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a biologic substance that can be prepared from your own blood in the operating room, surgery center, or even in your own home during a house call…Read More



Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

Because we see so many athletes and just plain active folks, we always seek biologic treatments first. A “biologic” treatment is one that preserves your normal anatomy with surgical destruction. Biologic treatments include advanced treatment injections for tendons and ligaments, shock-wave therapy for chronic heel pain or cartilage repair and joint preservation for arthritis. A number of cutting edge non-surgical treatments for chronic heel pain are being offered by Dr. Segler.
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Laser Treatment

If you have heard about the new toenail laser to treat fungal toenails, but have just been too busy (or too embarrassed) to go to a podiatrist’s office to have the procedure, you can now have the laser treatment right in your own home or office…Read More


Non-Surgical Neuroma Treatment

Morton’s neuroma is probably the most common nerve condition that causes foot pain in runners. The pain can become progressive over time as the neuroma gets bigger and becomes more intractable. Some runners wait until the pain in the ball of the foot is excruciating before they seek treatment. This is a mistake…Read More



Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics for Runners

Custom orthotics are simply the best way to correct subtle imbalances in the foot and ankle that can lead to running injuries. A custom orthotic is not just an arch support or a custom foot bed with extra cushioning. A custom running orthotic is a completely custom made medical device designed to control abnormal motion, correct for alignment problems and correct faulty biomechanics that can lead to running-related injury…Read More

Who is Doc On The Run?

Our San Francisco based foot & ankle surgeon has a unique perspective on foot and ankle injuries. He is a rock climber, skier, marathon runner, and 14-time Ironman triathlete. Because of this, he understands that the common doctor’s notion of “just stop running” or “find another hobby,” or “take up Scrabble” are all unacceptable to the athletically minded…Read More