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#599 Broken Sesamoid vs Bipartite Sesamoid what is the difference?

If you have pain in your foot under the big toe joint, the doctor might tell you that you have an issue with one of these two little bones called sesamoids.

Interestingly, some people have a sesamoid bone that is not broken, but looks like it broke apart.

If you understand how that happens, it may help you understand your x-rays and the doctor’s description of your condition.

Today on the Doc on the Run podcast, we’re talking about a broken sesamoid versus a bipartite sesamoid. What’s the difference?

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#382 What are bilateral bipartite sesamoid bones in a runner?

This episode comes from a question from one of the Doc on the Run YouTube channel viewers who wanted to know about “bilateral bipartite sesamoid bones” and what that really means.
I get these kind of questions all the time, when somebody really wants to know what a term means, and what the implications are for them as a runner. Usually the runner is trying to figure out how to keep running while the sesamoid heals.
Sometimes the concern is a sesamoid stress fracture or a condition like sesamoiditis where you start to get pain under the big toe joint.
If you see a doctor, they look at your x-rays, they may tell you, “Oh, you have bilateral bipartite sesamoids.”
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about bilateral bipartite sesamoid bones in a runner.

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#378 What are sesamoid bones in the foot

A runner with pain under the big toe joint said she was told she had a problem with the sesamoid bones in her foot.

The doctor said maybe it was sesamoiditis, or a sesamoid stress reaction or possibly even a sesamoid stress fracture.

Her question was, “What exactly are the semisolid bones in the foot?”

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about these weird little things called the sesamoid bones in the foot.

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#307 Surviving Sesamoiditis and getting back to marathon training

Sesamoid injuries can be serious and can keep injured runners running.

Sesamoids are small fragile bones and if they become inflamed and turn into a stress fracture they can crack, break and become permanently damaged. If you have surgery to remove a permanently damaged sesamoid bone, your foot will never be the same.

Our guest today went through a long battle with a sesamoid injury and then got back to marathon training.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we are talking with Isabel about the strategies she used to recover from sesamoiditis and start training for the London marathon.

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#251 Sesamoid stress fracture surgery in runners

If you’re a runner and you start having pain under the big toe joint and you develop this thing called a sesamoid stress fracture, you may get really worried.

In fact, if you go to see a doctor, you’re probably going to get a lot more worried because the doctor’s probably going to tell you these things can be very, very difficult to heal.

Well, it is true.

For years I’ve been lecturing to doctors at medical conferences about running injuries, and one of the things I often talk about is that sesamoid stress fractures are one of the very few problems a runner can get that really does warrant a serious dial back in activity to make sure that you can take the stress off of that sesamoid bone.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about surgery for a sesamoid stress fracture in runners.

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5 Causes of Big Toe Joint Pain in Runners

 Subscribe: iTunes | Android If you are a runner and you have pain in the big toe joint, the first step in treating it is figuring out what is actually causing the problem. There are lots of different causes of pain in the big toe joint, but there are really five that affect runners […]

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