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#484 Trust in a real expert

Every day I do telemedicine calls with injured runners. They often ask questions that remind me of things learned in the past, that help them understand what to do right now. It’s interesting how many times I actually think of this guy that was my mentor when I was racing motorcycles. His name is Fred Provis. Everyone called him “Motorhead Fred. “Fred and I raced together and won an endurance championship, and he taught me a ton of stuff about life (not just racing).Much of what Fred told me, I never would’ve thought about doing on my own. I did what Fred said, because I trusted him. Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about why you need to trust in a real expert.

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#394 Questions runners should ask doctor during a telemedicine visit

Just this morning I was interviewed on a television program about telemedicine. Since I have been doing telemedicine for a little more than 10 years they invited me to come on as an expert to talk about the changes in telemedicine resulting from the pandemic.

During the interview, we were discussing all the different ways telemedicine can be more helpful than in-office visits. At the end, I was asked an interesting question, and I remembered that I actually created a check-list years ago for runners to actually take to their in-person doctor visits. That same list can help make telemedicine visits more helpful as well.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about why you need to make a list for your telemedicine visit.

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#289 Top 10 Reasons injured runners procrastinate

An over training injury is one of the worst possible things that can happen to a runner.

You’ve been working toward a goal, hard, making sacrifices and then disaster strikes and you get injured.

Of course the best thing to do is to start healing and get back to training as fast as possible.

There are lots of reasons I see runners procrastinate and unnecessarily put up their own roadblocks between them, healing, and getting back to running.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about the Top 10 reasons injured runners procrastinate.

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#204 Rock climbing is a lot like sports medicine

This weekend I was rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park with my son. At one point he started climbing up to a point where we were going to practice rappelling.

He chose to climb up a way I knew was more difficult than necessary. But he wanted to proceed, so I let him.

You have to know whether or not you can proceed with the given activity without getting hurt.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how rock climbing is a lot like sports medicine.

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