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#268 Long term effects of ankle sprains in runners

Today’s question comes from Diane who was listening to the podcast and wrote in because she wanted to know more about the long-term effects of ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains frequently lead to two main problems.

Many runners mistakingly move their ankles too soon, and can wind up with chronic pain.

Many other runners fail to rehabilitate their ankle and can end up with chronic ankle instability.

Both of these common problems related to ankle sprains are completely preventable in runners.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about the long term effects of ankle sprains in runners.

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#199 How do trail runners get chronic ankle instability?

If you go to the doctor, and you tell the doctor that you run on trails, you’ve sprained your ankles before, and you seem to roll ankles frequently, the doctor will tell you that you are suffering from “chronic ankle instability.”

If your ankle just feels unstable when you’re on uneven ground, when you step on a root, or rock, or something, if your ankle sort of flips out from under you a little bit, it seems like you’re spraining your ankle (but it doesn’t even hurt), well that’s something that we call “chronic ankle instability.”

Today on the Doc on the Run Podcast, we’re talking about how trail runners get chronic ankle instability, and what you can do if you have it.

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