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Triathlete Champion Testimonial

Berkeley Resident and World Champion Triathlete treated by Dr. Segler 

Barbara isn’t typical… she is a 5 time XTERRA Triathlon World Champion and 6 time XTERRA USA Champion – agegrouper. But her experience is pretty typical of our patients. She had a serious injury and needed a highly individualized treatment plan that would allow her to maintain her fitness while she recovered. 

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Rock Climbing Injuries

San Francisco Rock Climbing PodiatristRock climbing injuries are common in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to remain active and return to climbing as soon as possible after a foot or ankle injury, it is important to get the very best treatment as quickly as possible. 

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Welcome to

/anklecenter/images/newsite/news5display/logo.jpg The complete foot pain education and information site. The information here has been created by nationally recognized foot and ankle expert Dr. Christopher Segler.  We hope you will learn everything you need to know about foot and ankle pain, so you can get better faster. Get back in action now… Book Online

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