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Triathlete Champion Testimonial

Berkeley Resident and World Champion Triathlete treated by Dr. Segler

Berkeley Resident and World Champion Triathlete treated by Dr. Segler 

Barbara isn’t typical… she is a 5 time XTERRA Triathlon World Champion and 6 time XTERRA USA Champion – agegrouper. But her experience is pretty typical of our patients. She had a serious injury and needed a highly individualized treatment plan that would allow her to maintain her fitness while she recovered. 

Here is what she had to say about our Dr. Segler and his approach to treating elite athletes…

World Champion Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Christopher Segler is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. He is dedicated to excellence in every one of his life pursuits, with an uncommon spirit of openness and kindness. He is a superb physician, and thankfully I discovered him to help me with what five months ago appeared to be a potentially insurmountable life-changing personal disaster – bilateral calcaneous fractures more commonly known as two broken heels. Thanks to Chris Segler’s medical insight and expertise, I am healed, have resumed to world-class athletics and carry within something extra: a deep and life-long gratitude due to the extraordinary medical care I received. Chris Segler’s brilliance and high expectations for my renewed health and stamina became the backbone of a 5-month treatment plan. His innovative approach – comprehensive examinations in non-hurried home visits, and his impeccable skill with podiatric problem solving, accelerated and elevated my overall wellbeing, especially given the complex nature of the bilateral predicament.  

What I love most about being Chris Segler’s patient is knowing he himself lives to be the best whole person he can be. His extreme dedication to medicine and his earnest character are together and precisely what he has given to me, and what he gives to each and every patient, ensuring optimal care and results. While I have never known this degree of personal injury, the last five months of my life under the care of Dr. Chris Segler has been one of the most energized and positive experiences in my life, a fascinating journey of inspiration, trust and superb medical care. Saying thank you is simply not enough for all that this special individual has done.” – Barbara Edelston Peterson, Age 54, Author, Sports Psychologist, Endurance Athlete

Dr. Christopher Segler is a nationally recognized award-winning sports medicine podiatrist in San Francisco. He is also a marathon runner and 5-time Ironman finisher. He makes house calls to the homes and offices of athletes and busy weekend warriors in San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, Oakland, and Palo Alto who need individualized attention, a well-thought out treatment plan, and the fastest return to competition possible. If you need the best care available, you can reach Dr. Segler directly at (415) 308-0833.