#448 No one can save you - DOC

#448 No one can save you

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how no one can save you.


The action you and ONLY YOU take are all that matters now.

I can show you the way, but I can’t carry you there.

It takes work. Lots of work. Its like training for a marathon, without cheering crowds or medals.

The speed with which you return to running ONLY depends on how much effort you put into your recovery.

Here’s what it takes to get back to running:

  1. Abandoning the myth that if you wait everything will be better… eventually
  2. Doing the work to dig yourself out of the hole your in
  3. Commitment to focus and stay on track
  4. Daily diligence…no cutting corners.

Right now, if you have stopped training…you are getting weaker. No matter how much I know, no matter how much you learn…nothing will change unless you take the steps to change course.

Check out the 12 Steps to Recovering form a Running Injury docontherun.com/12 steps.