#447 Running injuries can happen to everyone - DOC

#447 Running injuries can happen to everyone

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about running injuries can happen to everyone.


There is NO over-training. There is ONLY under-recovering. You did not run too much. You made a mistake in the order of your workouts or the intensity of one workout or in the strategy you used to rebuild tissue.

That is EXACTLY the same mistake runners make when they get injured again after “healing” an injury.

2 Groups:

  • Those who beat themselves up for doing the wrong thing.
  • Those who are simply afraid and get immobilized by uncertainty.


Either way: FORGIVE OURSELF and GET OVER IT. You won’t get back to running sitting around get weaker. Accept that you are a runner and you got a running injury.

Try to figure out what you did wrong…what you can differently now. …..and get moving….don’t let your injury keep you on the couch.

Check out the 12 Steps to Recovering form a Running Injury docontherun.com/12 steps.