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#183 Put the trouble in the middle of the run

If you think about most of your runs, you do a warmup, you do the body of the workout, and then you do a cool down.

One thing that is interesting is I have recently noticed a number of runners who have gotten injured by doing runs where they’re finishing on the hardest part of their run.

That can put you at risk of an over-training injury.

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about why you should put the trouble in the middle of the run.

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#178 Cycling workouts for recovering runners

Resting is not all healing. If you rest too much, you’ll get weaker.

If you want to get back to running, as soon as you’re healed, you need to do something to prevent all of the changes that can slow you down and put you at a higher risk of re-injury once you actually do get back to running and training.

Gravity and the pounding forces associated with running…that’s only one of a half a dozen contributing factors that can prevent healing of a running injury.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about cycling workouts for recovering runners.

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