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#627 Cuboid stress fracture vs. Subluxed cuboid. How can a runner tell the difference?

“Subluxed Cuboid” is just a cuboid sitting slightly out of position.

Stress fracture of the cuboid is very different from a subluxed cuboid.

If you have this aching pain on the side of your foot, and you’ve been told maybe it’s “cuboid syndrome” or a “subluxed cuboid,” but it’s not getting better, you could have a thing called a cuboid stress fracture.

The reason you probably weren’t told it was a cuboid stress fracture is that, first of all, those are really rare. Cuboid stress fracture is less than 1% of all stress fractures in the foot.

If you’re a runner and you call me, say, “Hey, I really need to do a webcam call because I think I have a cuboid stress fracture,” the first thing I would think is…probably not.

But you might and, if you do, you do not want to ignore it because a cuboid stress fracture, when ignored, gets worse over time.

What’s the difference between a cuboid stress fracture and a subluxed cuboid, and how can you tell the difference if you’re a runner?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc on the Run podcast.

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