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#461 What is a Pseudo-Jones Fracture?

The fifth metatarsal bone goes from your midfoot out to your little toe. And if you break it, it could be one of three things.
You could have a shaft fracture, which heals pretty uneventfully, most of the time.
You could have an evulsion fracture, where it actually rips a piece of bone off when your peroneus brevis tendon tries to pull so hard to keep your foot under you, that it actually cracks the bone.
Or you could get this thing called a Jones fracture. Now, if you have a Jones fracture, that is a bad thing. Out of those three, it is definitely the worst.
But sometimes a doctor will say you have something called a pseudo-Jones fracture, which implies it’s kind of like a Jones fracture, but not really as bad.
What is a pseudo-Jones fracture? Well, that’s what we’re talking about, today, on the Doc On The Run podcast.

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