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#391 Heel bone repositioning to run with plantar fasciitis

On this episode, we’re just giving you a quick tip on how you can actually reduce some of the stress and strain on the plantar fascial ligament when you have plantar fasciitis and you want to keep running.Now everybody knows, if you stop running you’re going to lose your running fitness. That’s not really confusing. That’s not hard to understand. But what you really need to understand is that plantar fasciitis is not really self-limiting. It does not miraculously go away like a cold virus. It hangs around if you continue to aggravate it because the stress and strain to the plantar fascia that makes it irritable and causes this condition called plantar fasciitis, is a consequence of excess stress and strain. Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about repositioning your heel bone so you can run with plantar fasciitis.

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#341 From broken heels to whole champion Barbara Edelston Peterson

Just for a moment I want you to imagine something. You made a decision to become a champion. And after years of continual effort and constant training you have won a World Championship.

Today you are packing and getting ready to travel to Switzerland to defend your European title. And then you fall and break both heel bones. In that painful moment everything changes.

You aren’t getting on a plane to go to defend your European title. Instead you’re going to the emergency room.

The question is what would you do to rebuild your life and your own self-perception as an is athlete immediately after that kind of injury.

Today the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking with Barbara Edelston Peterson about what she did to go from two broken heel bones becoming a Whole Champion.

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Can I Run with A Stress Fracture in the Heel Bone?

Subscribe: iTunes | Android Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about whether or not you should run when you have a stress fracture in the heel bone. In this session I’m going to explain to you about whether or not it’s a good idea and how you might be able to […]

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An interview with 6-time XTERRA World Champion Barbara Peterson

Subscribe: iTunes | Android   Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking with Barbara Peterson about injury, recovery and what it takes to bounce back to championship status from a catastrophic injury. Barbara is a friend, a six (6) time world champion of the famous off road triathlon XTERRA and Barbara continually […]

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