#341 From broken heels to whole champion Barbara Edelston Peterson - DOC

#341 From broken heels to whole champion Barbara Edelston Peterson

Today the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking with Barbara Edelston Peterson about what she did to go from two broken heel bones becoming a Whole Champion.

Just for a moment I want you to imagine something. You made a decision to become a champion. And after years of continual effort and constant training you have won a World Championship.

Today you are packing and getting ready to travel to Switzerland to defend your European title. And then you fall and break both heel bones. In that painful moment everything changes.

You aren’t getting on a plane to go to defend your European title. Instead you’re going to the emergency room.

The question is what would you do to rebuild your life and your own self-perception as an is athlete immediately after that kind of injury.

This episode features a recording from the Live Runners Rapid Recovery Summit in which we were talking with Barbara Edelsten Peterson. If you are injured, you feel like the past several weeks, the last few months or even this whole year has been demoralizing, you have to hear her story. 

These show notes just outline the questions I asked Barabara during the event. Listen to the podcast to get the full answers and complete discussion. 

Barbara Edelston Peterson is an author, motivational speaker, sports psychologist, and multiple time world-champion triathlete. 

No matter what your circumstances, whether you have been injured, you’re stuck in fracture boot right now, or if you have been trying to get back to running but feeling like you lost your mojo, Barbara is going to show you what is possible if you just accept where you are, identify the ways you can do to start getting active and taking action and doc the work to get out the rut. 

No matter where you are right now, Barbara has 2 books which will help. book “A Whole Person Makes The Whole World Better” and “Making the Most of Bedrest.” 

While you may think those topics have nothing to do with one another, but wait until you hear her story! 

Life can change in one instant 

One of the reasons I wanted to have you on an in front of our audience here today is because you have one of the most incredible and inspiring stories. One moment getting ready to pack your suitcase to go to Europe to defend your European Xterra title, the next minute, you were on the on the floor in pain with two broken heel bones. The simple fact is that your injury was way worse than the overwhelming majority of people who are going to actually listen to this and my hope is that they will put their injury into the proper perspective so they can realize that, like you, they two can put their own injury into the proper perspective, make a decision to get to work and move forward to come out stronger on the other side.

Why don’t you begin by telling us where you were at that moment you fell and how everything changed in an instant. 

Depths of despair 

When we met it’s an understatement to say you’re bummed out. And you really seem to be in a terrible place emotionally, psychologically and mentally. But, a wheelchair can have that effect on an athlete. 

Loss of identity 

How quickly do you feel like you really went from being injured physically, does sinking into this place of despair it was probably associated, at least temporarily with your loss of identity as a healthy athlete. 

Taking inventory 

The simplest sense when any athlete gets injured they really have to do three things: ANALYZE. ENERGIZE. MOBILIZE. 

The first part of that is to analyze. You have to take inventory and you have to accurately assess your situation to get a grip on your circumstances to begin the journey of recovery. How did you do that? 

Taking Action 

What help you make that shift from realizing you’re injured and waiting to heal to launching into a course of action that would help you rebuild your fitness while you were healing the injury? 

Rebuilding one day at a time 

I know that as a triathlete with two broken feet, you’re not able to do most of the things you would normally be doing as a component of your training. But you did other stuff. You were swimming with fracture walking boots, you’re cycling in the air Lane on your back on the deck and you certainly were putting World champion effort into maintaining your fitness without disrupting healing process. 

So my question is for those people who are injured right now or her in her trying to figure out what they can do to maintain their fitness and get back to running as fast as you did what would you tell them about that process of rebuilding on a daily basis? 



Redefining your reality through deliberate decision, personal responsibility and daily action. 

Obviously much of your success after that injury came from your deliberate efforts. But all of that stems from decision and redefining your reality. What advice would you get to somebody who is injured as having a hard time getting back activity right now, just because they feel like they’re in this terrible place and they seem stuck, stagnant and unable to climb out of this hole that they found themselves in after getting an injury? 

Tell us about your Whole Champion Foundation and the work in front not you now. 

I know you presently have been putting a lot of energy and effort into your foundation, where did you get the idea and what are your goals for the foundation? 

Last Words 

Right now somebody is listening to this who knows that if you were able to do it it might be possible for them, too. So for that athlete he was sitting there right now who thinks that you can’t run because some doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to run, for someone whose family member said maybe you should just cut back and give up running, if you’re sitting there next to that athlete, right now what advice would you offer? 

Barbara is an incredible individual and not your normal average runner. But what she does do is the same thing you should be doing if you have an overtraining injury. 

You need to figure out what your goal is. 

You need to figure out how you can get on the right path today. 

You have to start taking action today!

If you only take one small step to move forward every day for the next 10 days, it could save you weeks of time in getting back to running, as a stronger more balanced runner. 

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