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#536 Success is spelled ACTION with Gary Stotler

Several years ago I had the honor of speaking with Gary and interviewing him for an episode of the Doc On The Run podcast, called From 400 Pounds To Running 100 Miles. At one point in his life Gary, was seriously overweight and weighed about 400 pounds. But he was able to not only lose that weight, he became a 100 mile ultramarathon finisher and even did Leadville. Gary’s not just an incredible athlete but he’s also a personal development expert. Today were really fortunate to have him back on the show to share his wisdom, experience and inspiration with you today. “Success Is Spelled Action” and that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run podcast.

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From 400 Pounds to Running 100 miles

Subscribe: iTunes | Android Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast we’re talking about the special considerations overweight runners need to think about WHEN THEY get to their goals without getting injured. I am really excited to have Gary Stotler on the show today and Gary is a guy who is truly inspirational. He […]

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