#536 Success is spelled ACTION with Gary Stotler - DOC

#536 Success is spelled ACTION with Gary Stotler

“Success Is Spelled Action” and that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run podcast.


Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we have a very special guest. Gary Stotler is back on the show so we can talk about his new book and help you figure out how to make the little decisions you need to make to get out of the rut and back on track.

Several years ago I had the honor of speaking with Gary and interviewing him for an episode of the Doc On The Run podcast, called From 400 Pounds To Running 100 Miles. And no, you did not hear that wrong. At one point in his life Gary, was seriously overweight and weighed about 400 pounds. But he was able to not only lose that weight, he became a 100 mile ultramarathon finisher and even did Leadville.

Gary’s not just an incredible athlete but he’s also a personal development expert. Today were really fortunate to have him back on the show to share his wisdom, experience and inspiration with you today.

Gary, welcome to the show!


In case you don’t really know who Gary is, you can hear his whole story on how he went from 400 pounds to being someone who could run hundred miles by listening to the prior podcast episode. We’ll put in link to the show notes where you can hear the whole episode.

Gary, maybe you could just give us a quick introduction about who you are, how you got to 400 pounds, and then how you made the shifts in your own life that transformed you from a seriously overweight guy to a seriously fit ultramarathoner.


Whenever runners book consultation calls with me, it seems like, when I really dissect what it all comes down to, they all have one thing in common. Indecision is the crux of the matter.

Sometimes it’s because a runner thinks they have a stress fracture they’re not really sure. Sometimes it’s because a runner was told by a doctor that they have a stress fracture but they have to wait for an x-ray to get better, even though there is no crack visible the x-ray. And sometimes frankly it’s because they made the mistake of asking for advice on Facebook and received 100 different conflicting opinions from experienced runners who are all trying to offer well-meaning advice.

The truth is that all I really do when I speak with an injured runner is help them distill down to what their goals are what they really know what they really can change and what they should really do right now. And it all comes down to just making one or two key decisions. Once those decisions are made they can start to act. Acting is easy, but starting seems hard.

So the next question I have for you is about the title of your new book, “Success Is Spelled Action” and how are your philosophy can really take someone, whether there a high level executive trying to get to the next level, or a novice runner who is just trying to get past injury. How do you get them to start.

Frameworks for Change

I think that all of us working in any kind of service industry, whether somebody like me who helps injured runners or somebody like you who just help someone take their personal performance to the next level…we all work within frameworks we develop over time.

When somebody contacts you and they want to work with you directly, they want your help and guidance to get past their own self-imposed limitations and beliefs holding them back, what sort of framework or process do you follow tell get them out of a rut and onto the right path?

Start now.

It’s fascinating to me how many injured runners call me who have been injured for weeks, sometimes even months but haven’t really done anything differently other than waiting for change.

I really believe that the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago but the second-best time is today. And it’s fascinating how just a decision to start to change seems to set all kinds of outside forces in motion.

Right now there someone listening to this who just needs to believe but it’s possible for their circumstances to change, not in a year, not in a month, but this week or today.

What is the one thing you would say to that person who really needs to take one action today to get the momentum moving?

Work with Gary

Whenever I have guests on the show who worked directly with clients, listeners are often surprised that they actually can reach out to someone like you, and work with you personally. So for those of you listening right now I will tell you that Gary is extremely approachable normal guy with an abnormal ability to help people move someplace they feel stuck to becoming unstuck.

And if you think he might be able to help you start by grabbing a copy of his new book, and reach out to him directly. Remember it’s all about action!

Gary, for those people who are listening right now who want to contact you directly so that they can get your help…what’s the best way to find you, connect and reach out to you?