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#761 Do bunions cause plantar plate sprain in runners?

Perhaps the most nagging injury, and most difficult to deal with if you’re a runner, is something called a “plantar plate sprain.”

The plantar plate ligament is on the bottom of the foot, usually at the base of the second toe.

I got a question from a runner who actually had a plantar plate injury. She also happened to have bunions. So, she asked:

“Do bunions cause plantar plate sprains in runners?”

That’s a great question and that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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#605 New running shoes made my bunion bigger

A runner called me and said, “I got some new running shoes and they made my bunions worse overnight. I think I need surgery now.”

The problem is that bunions do not typically get worse quickly.

Bunions get worse slowly because the bone is changing position.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how it’s possible bunions could get worse from a new pair of shoes.

If you are a runner with bunions this is a situation you may want to understand.

Today on the Doc on the Run podcast, we’re talking about how new running shoes might have made your bunion bigger.

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#400 I think I have a bunion but my toe is straight

A bunion deformity is a really common problem, and a bunion is when your big toe moves over and starts pushing against the second toe. Over time that can get bad enough that the big toe actually sits on top or underneath the second toe.
Now because this thing is so common, whenever you get a bump of any kind around that area, people often think that they have bunions, and that’s exactly what happened with this runner when I did his second opinion consultation.
Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about a runner who said that he thought he had a bunion, but his big toe was straight.

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#380 Does a painful red big toe joint mean I have gout?

I was just doing telemedicine visit with a runner who has a red, painful big toe joint.
Gout is an accumulation of painful sharp crystals in the joint.
Gout certainly can cause your big toe joint to become red, hot, swollen and painful.
But gout is only one of three different conditions that might cause big toe joint pain.
The pattern of redness around the big toe joint can help you decide which condition might be causing the problem if you are a runner.
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether or not a a painful red big toe joint means a runner has gout.

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5 Causes of Big Toe Joint Pain in Runners

 Subscribe: iTunes | Android If you are a runner and you have pain in the big toe joint, the first step in treating it is figuring out what is actually causing the problem. There are lots of different causes of pain in the big toe joint, but there are really five that affect runners […]

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