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#467 Runner with Achilles worried after taking Cipro antibiotics

A podcast listeners wrote in and she asked,
“How long do I need to stop running or take it easy after taking five doses, meaning two and a half days, of Cipro?
I told my doctor I was a runner, so I didn’t trust their opinion on when or how I should run.
I haven’t run since finding out the side effects two weeks ago, and the Achilles feels weak and a little thicker than the other side.”
This is a great question, and she is right to be concerned because the FDA issued a black box warning because of an association between Cirpo antibiotics and Achilles tendon ruptures.
Today on the Doc on the Run podcast, we’re talking about a runner with Achilles tendon worries after taking Cipro antibiotics.

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#236 Should I just try a more aggressive treatment for my Achilles tendon?

Today was on a consultation call with a runner who is had a long history of Achilles tendon problems.

She’s recently tried some new things that made an improvement.

But the problem is she’s not really certain the improvement is from the new treatments she’s been doing. Because she simultaneously decreased her activity a bit.

So now she’s in this place where she is trying to figure out what to do next.

Should she continue with some simple conservative treatments that aren’t very risky?

Or should she try to just do something riskier to try to get it to finally heal, or heal faster?

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about or not a runner should try a more aggressive treatment for an aching Achilles tendon.

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#207 There is no healing without risk.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how there’s is no healing for a runner without risk. There is no success without work.  There is no love without commitment.  And there can be no healing from a running injury without risk.  Many years ago I remember somebody telling me that you […]

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Static Gastroc Stretch Technique

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