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SF Podiatrist Lectures to Foot Experts on Best Treatment of Running Injuries

Lake Tahoe, NV – February 9, 2012. –  Today in Lake Tahoe Nevada, Dr. Christopher Segler was speaking before the International Foot & Ankle Foundation’s Annual Podiatry Seminar to a group of foot and ankle experts. He was invited to speak and share his expertise on the newest and best treatments for complicated running injuries affecting marathon runners, elite athletes and casual runners. Because Dr. Segler has a practice that focuses on the treatment of runners with difficult to treat injuries, he was able to share his insights with other sports medicine podiatrists, foot surgeons, and foot and ankle physicians. He offered his expertise on running injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, sesamoid fractures, and heel pain that does not respond to conventional treatments. The goal of the lecture was to make sure that other foot and ankle’s experts were able to learn about the latest treatments of these difficult to solve conditions. Runners offer unusual challenges to the foot and ankle expert because they expect to get better as quickly as possible.


Dr. Christopher Segler is a sports medicine podiatrist who is a known expert on running injuries. Although his practice is based in San Francisco he treats patients worldwide via Internet conferencing and Skype. Within the San Francisco Bay area he offers housecalls in Tiburon, Mill Valley, Oakland, Berkeley and Palo Alto. It is his opinion that the very best treatment for a running injury is rapid treatment. If you have a question about a running injury that you have not been able to treat successfully, you can call him directly at 415-308-0833.