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San Francisco Podiatrist Lectures on Barefoot Running

San Francisco Podiatrist Shares his Experience as a Runner and Sports Medicine Physician With Other Doctors

Lake Tahoe, NV – February 10, 2012. – 

Today Dr. Christopher Segler lectured to an audience of foot surgeons, sports medicine podiatrists and foot experts at the International Foot and Ankle Foundation Lake Tahoe Seminar held at the Montbleu Resort Casino and Spa, South Lake Tahoe. Dr. Segler was invited to share his insights on the growing trends in barefoot running. His talk included an extensive discussion of the current trends in barefoot running as well as barefoot biomechanics and the differences compared to the running biomechanics while wearing shoes. It is important for podiatrists to understand the natural running movement because it is becoming more pervasive in the running and triathlon community. Because Dr. Segler has a podiatry practice That focuses on the treatment of complicated running injuries, he was able to share insights to his colleagues so that they can better treat runners that they see in their own practices.


Dr. Christopher Segler is a sports medicine podiatrist, marathon runner and Ironman triathlete who has a podiatry practice dedicated to the treatment of running injuries that affect the foot, ankle and Achilles tendon. His philosophy is that rapid treatment of running injuries is always the best treatment. He provides housecalls for busy athletes in San Francisco, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Berkeley, and Oakland. He also provides remote second opinions and running injury evaluations via internet consultations on Skype. If you have a quick question about running injuries you can reach him directly at 415-308-0833.