San Francisco sports medicine doctor on Maui at XTERRA World Championship. - DOC

San Francisco sports medicine doctor on Maui at XTERRA World Championship.

October 23, 2011 San Francisco sports medicine doctor on Maui watching as his patient attempts to win another XTERRA World Championship.

Just over one year ago Dr. Segler’s patient fell and broke both heels. Many patients would never walk again. But Barbara is a champion…literally.  Having multiple Xterra World Championship titles under her belt, she was determined to get back to racing.

After multiple San Francisco Bay Area physicians and surgeons recommended she park it in a wheel chair for 6-8 weeks, she realized she needed a highly individualized treatment plan. 

With her goal on not only walking, but returning to racing, Barbara and Dr. Segler worked closely together on a different approach. Instead of focusing on the things an athlete can’t do when injured, they searched for every type of activity she could do. One year later she is back. And today she will chase another world title.

Advice for injured triathletes: Don’t ever let a doctor tell you that you will never race again…anything is possible with an athlete-minded approach!

Dr. Christopher Segler is a San Francisco based sports medicine podiatrist who focuses on treating runners and triathletes who don’t respond to the standard treatment regimens. As an active Ironman triathlete himself, he understands the time constraints for professionals who run marathons and compete in triathlon. He even makes house calls for busy athletes. He believes that athletes don’t heal like other patients and must be treated differently. If you have an injury that needs the fastest treatment possible, you can call him directly for a free 5-minute consultation at 415-308-0833.