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San Francisco Foot Surgeon Invited to speak in Montreal.

September, 16, 2011 – San Francisco, CA
Dr. Christopher Segler, a San Francisco based diabetic foot surgeon was invited to present his diabetes-related research at the 2011 EPS Montreal International Diabetes Conference will be held in November 19-20, 2011 in Montreal, Canada. 
“Dear  Dr. Christopher Segler, On behalf of the organizing committee, I cordially invite you to attend the conference and share your scientific findings and clinical experience in the field of diabetes. We would like to welcome you to our Conference as our valuable speaker and present your recent work and ideas of Anticardiolipin antibodies as markers of physiologic stress: a case study of idiopathic stroke in a young adult that were published in Medical Hypotheses.
This meeting is an unprecedented opportunity for clinicians, scientists and other professional personnel, who are in the diabetes care to discuss the updated information on diabetes, which includes the Epidemiology, Genetics, Prevention, Diagnosis, Management, and Basic research of diabetes. Moreover, this conference provides all of the participants a lot of wonderful opportunities to building up the network and exchanging ideas.
The conference is hosted by EPS Global Medical DevelopmentInc. (EPS). Based in Canada, EPS highlights worldwide medical academic exchanges and has gained a high reputation in the world. Collaborating with famous medical organizations, including hospitals, universities and research institutions in Asia, Europe and North America, EPS has successfully co-organized numerous academic conferences encompassing medicine, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. All these conferences have attracted international experts as speakers, and won a high reputation.
Montreal, the second-largest city of Canada, is famous for its cultural characteristics and its vibrant city life. Combined with this conference, I believe that the social activities in the incomparable city of Montreal will bring you an exciting and memorable experience. On behalf of the EPS International Diabetes Organizing Committee, we thank you for your attending of this conference.
Yao Lu, MD, PhD
Executive Chair, the EPS Montreal International Diabetes
Conference Organizing Committee
President, EPS Global Medical Development Inc. Canada”
Dr. Christopher Segler is a diabetic foot surgeon who practices in San Francisco, Marin, and The East Bay. He provides podiatry house calls to treat diabetic foot problems like gangrene, non-healing diabetic foot wounds and second opinions for diabetic foot amputations.  If you have a question about diabetic foot complications you can reach him directly at 415-308-0833.