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Homeless Foot Care

Dr Christopher Segler, of The Ankle & Foot Center, believes that all people have a right to health care and relief from foot pain. Because he is originally from Chattanooga, he helped to bring some aid to the underprivileged in an area that has historically been intolerant to the homeless. He has performed surgery for free on clients of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.  He also previously volunteered and spent his Wednesday afternoons at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen where he helped Brother Ron Fender and the UTC School of Nursing to provide care for those in need.  Together they have seen a new Foot Care Room established to provide a place to bring much needed services to the less privileged in the community. In addition, he has worked closely with Dr. Lisa Muirhead (director of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Community Nursing Program) to conduct research on the utilization of free podiatric services.  Together they hope to establish a national model for the deliver of underutilized medical services.  We believe deeply in donating our time and expertise to those who need it, but cannot pay for it. We encourage you to contribute in your community as well.