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Doc On The Run Podcast Episodes 2016

#21 Should I Worry About Pain When Running After My Injury Heals?

One of the biggest concerns of injured athletes returning to activity is whether or not they should be concerned about pain when they start to run. This is a great question and certainly a valid concern.

Pain is your body’s indicator that something is not right. But you have to figure out which pain is acceptable and which pain is unacceptable.

Let’s face it most doctors would say pain is abnormal and unacceptable. But what about when you run? What about during your mile repeats, hill repeats or long runs.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have pain during every one of my hard workouts, especially if I’m doing them correctly.

#20 Pro Triathlete Kim Schwabenbauer On Nutrition Assessments For Runners And Enjoying The Holiday Season Without Guilt

Kim is a long time athlete. She ran cross country in high school. She was Team Captain of both her cross country and track teams at Penn State. She has been doing triathlons for over 10 years.

She’s won lots and lots of races. She was the amateur champion at Ironman Cozumel and Ironman Lake Placid. She’s even raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii 4 times. And she is fast, fast fast…she actually clocked a 3:01 Ironman Marathon time.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast I am really excited to bring Kim Schwabenbauer onto the show to share her expertise about nutrition and what it takes to fuel athletes in training, racing and recovery.

#19 Myths About X-Rays And Running Injuries

Every day I get calls from injured runners. Whether their foot is aching when they run and they think they have a stress fracture or if they twisted an ankle on a trail, the number one question I get is, “should I get an x-ray?”

Whether or not you need an x-ray depends upon several things. Granted, most of the time when you go to the doctor if you have a foot or ankle injury they will do x-rays to “make sure that nothing is broken.”

But x-rays don’t always tell the whole story. And there’s also a widespread misconception that if an x-ray doesn’t show anything then you need an MRI or Ultrasound to figure out what is going on with your foot.

Today we’re talking about what you can and can’t see on an x-ray when you have a running injury.

#18 Which Running Surface Is The Hardest On Your Feet?

In episode #17 of the Doc On The Run Podcast we talked about how you can choose a running surface that will decrease the stress and strain on your foot.

Mainly we were talking about how running uphill or downhill or along a side slope can be used to your advantage to either deliberately increase or decrease the stress to your foot and perhaps even an injured structure.

#17 Choose A Running Surface To Heal Faster, Run Longer And Heal Running Injuries

If you are a runner with an injury that affects one side of your foot more than another, like plantar fasciitis, picking the right running surface can make the difference between being able to run and still heal, or running and making your plantar fasciitis much worse.

San Francisco running expert, podiatrist and Ironman triathlete Dr. Christopher Segler explains how to pick the right surfaces to decrease the stress on your plantar fascia when you run with heel pain.

#16 Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Runners Heal Faster?

Today we’re talking about how runners use stem cells to get back to running faster.

In this episode I am going to discuss how stem cells have the potential to transform into any and all of the cells necessary to help speed the healing process.

#15 5 Biggest Mistakes Runners Make When They Think They Have A Neuroma

Today we’re talking about the 5 biggest mistakes runners make when they think they have a neuroma.

We’re going to discuss the most common mistakes I see runners make when they start to develop a neuroma in the ball of the foot.

#14 Troubleshooting The Top 5 Running Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsal Stress Fracture, Achilles Tendinitis, Shin Splints And IT Band Syndrome

Today we’re at A Runners Mind speaking with Dawson, who is a true running shoe expert.

We’re going to discuss the ways that runners can troubleshoot these injuries and keep running.

#13 Vitamin D, Muscle Strength And How A Runner Can Listen To The Body To Prevent Running Injuries

Today we are featuring a recorded portion of an interview with Dr. Segler for an injury prevention seminar for RunnersConnect.

In this episode you’ll learn about the importance of vitamin D as it relates to muscle strength, not just bone density.

You’ll also learn about strategies for listening to your body that will help you when you might be developing a running injury.

#12 Stresses And Lifestyle Habits That Slow Healing Of The Most Common Running Injuries

Today we are featuring a recorded portion of an interview with Dr. Segler for an injury prevention seminar for RunnersConnect.

In this episode you’ll learn some strategies to modify bad habits so you can heal faster and get back to running.

#11 Why Runners Have An Unfair Advantage When It Comes To Healing An Injury

To most runners an over-training injury is their worst nightmare. The reason that these injuries are so terrible to most runners is that they happen at the worst possible time. This often happens 4 to 6 weeks out from your race.

So just as you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just when you start dreaming of your taper, disaster strikes. You get injured.

But all is not despair.

Today we are talking about why runners have an unfair advantage when it comes to healing an injury, and how those advantages can help you recover faster than the average non-runner.

#10 Fracture Walking Boot: One Of The Worst Treatments For A Runner

Fracture walking boots are one of the most often prescribed treatments for running injuries such as stress fractures and tendinitis.

But runners have a much higher price to pay for immobilization.

In this episode we are going to explain why fracture walking boots are one of the worst treatments possible for an injured runner.

#9 A Runner’s Mind On Plantar Fasciitis, Running Form And Shoe Selection

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we are at A Runner’s Mind speaking with Dawson Alexander, who is a wicked fast runner and a bona fide running shoe expert.

In this interview you get the dual perspective which will combine Dr. Segler’s knowledge of running injuries with Dawson’s experience and knowledge in running form analysis and running shoe selection.

Together they will help you understand how your running form and proper running shoe selection can help you continue running even if you have plantar fasciitis.

#8 Ironman Champion Felicity Joyce On The Power Of Mindset In Racing, Coaching And Getting Back To Racing Shape After Injury

Felicity Joyce is a well known inspiring endurance athlete. She was the youngest female to win the Australian National 24-hour Track Championships and earned the young Australia Rising Star Award from Athletics Australia and Sports Person of the Year. She also knows how to overcome injuries. Early in her career she had a terrible bike crash that left her almost crippled and unable to walk. Yet she was still able to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in 2011 and 2012. Then in 2012 she won her age group at Ironman Louisville and qualified for Kona.

In today’s podcast, Felicity shares her experience and mindset in racing, coaching and getting back to racing shape after injury.

#7 From 2 Broken Heel Bones To Running At A World-Class Level- An Interview With 6-Time XTERRA World Champion Barbara Peterson

Barbara Peterson’s story is truly inspirational!

Less than a year after she broke both heel bones (bilateral calcaneal fractures), she was out of her wheelchair and on the starting line in Hawaii at the XTERRA World Championship where she won yet another title.

Today she shares how that experience shapes her approach in racing, life, and her work with other athletes.

#6 Metatarsal Stress Fractures Six Weeks Of No Running And Other Myths

Metatarsal stress fractures are common in runners, and so are the myths that surround them.

Do I really need X-rays?

Do I really have to stop running to get a stress fracture to heal?

Does it always take 6 weeks?

Can I keep training?

Doc On The Run debunks the metatarsal stress fracture myths.

#5 The Best Way For Runners To Ice When They Have Plantar Fasciitis

Ice is often used by runners to decrease inflammation.

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to ice running injuries.

Learn best strategies for icing and how Doc On The Run uses specific contrast bath, routines to remove swelling from the foot and ankle and speed healing after a running injury.

#4 Should Runners Use NSAIDs When They Have Plantar Fasciitis?

Ibuprofen is the most commonly consumed anti-inflammatory drug.

Many runners take it and even call it “Vitamin-I.”

If inflammation is part of the problem, why not take ANTI-inflammatory drugs?

Learn why, when and how runner’s use anti-inflammatory medications to get relief…and perhaps even more importantly, when runners should NOT take these drugs.

#3 Can Home Treatment Heal Runner’s Heel Pain?

Did you know that in the overwhelming majority of cases doctors will recommend that you perform simple home treatments before they prescribe medications or consider more invasive procedures like injections or surgery?

When you need to fast-track the recovery process, it always helps to try some simple treatments at home before you see the doctor.

This podcast explains how doctors (or even a runner who hasn’t been to the doctor) can treat heel pain with simple treatments that can be performed at home without ever seeing a doctor.

#2 Why Some Runners With Plantar Fasciitis Never Get Better

Plantar fasciitis may be the most common cause of runner’s heel pain, but it is not the only cause.

If you are a runner and you think you have plantar fasciitis but you actually have another condition entirely. As a result, you may not get better.

You must understand how runners make the wrong call and fail to get better…and get back to running.

This podcast explains the main reasons runners with heel pain don’t get better, even if you think you have the correct treatment.

Doc On The Run Podcast #1: The Podcast For Injured Runners

If you have foot pain that’s interfering with your running or training, don’t worry, there is help! You don’t have to stop running! Discover the approaches that help elite athletes get better even while they keep running. This podcast will explain how to get started on the right foot!





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