#886 Should I expect to have plantar plate pain when I resume running - DOC

#886 Should I expect to have plantar plate pain when I resume running

Should I expect to have some pain when I return to running after healing a plantar plate sprain? Great question and that is what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.



One of the most difficult things to treat as a runner who is really running is a plantar plate injury. I have had one. It is really frustrating because it is a very small ligament. It takes very little to aggravate it, to irritate it, to stretch it, strain it, injure it further when you are running.

Many doctors tell you to stop running. I help you try to figure out how to not stop running or how to stop running in a shorter time as possible and really move the thing in the right direction as fast as possible and then get back to running as quickly as possible. And he asked a really interesting question. He said, “Should I expect to have pain as soon as I start running?” And I basically said, “Well, if you do, you are doing it wrong, because if you are having pain, you are stretching and straining the ligament in the way that is predictably going to re-injure it.”

So, you have a couple of options. Number one is you can just wait so long that it is so healed that you could not possibly make it hurt. That is one way to do it. That is kind of the normal way to do it. I do not usually do it that way. I usually try to help you figure out what it is that you can do to maintain your running fitness while the things is healing and how to pay very, very close attention to the discomfort so you can tell whether or not it is actually safe enough for you to go to the next level of activity.

You do not do increases of activity every four weeks or six weeks or however long it was the doctor told you to wait before you come back. You do that on your own by tracking your pain, tracking your discomfort, and making small incremental jumps in activity so that you know if you barely did a little bit more than you did before, a few days ago, how bad could you have screwed it up? But you should not have pain.

If you are just having pain and you are pushing through, you are just going to have trouble. So no, you should not expect to have pain. Some weirdness, yes, a full feeling maybe, so discomfort, maybe. But it depends on what that means. So, if we were doing a call together, I would explain you exactly like what I went through and what I thought was acceptable and what was unacceptable. But pain, sharp pain, pain that reminds you of when it started or when it was in its initial phases, that’s a bad thing. You do not want to have that  So, make sure you track the pain, the discomfort, you figure out what is causing it and do not do that.

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