Plantar Plate Masterclass - DOC

Plantar Plate Masterclass

The first step to figuring out how to run when you have a plantar plate injury is making sure you know how bad the problem might be. Which one do you really have:

        Torn plantar plate?
        Mild plantar plate sprain?
        Really just capsulitis?

What’s the difference?

This training will teach you the difference between each of those conditions and what they really mean in terms of you returning to running as quickly as possible.

Learn the strategies I teach to doctors at medical conferences. I will share the secret recipes for decreasing stress so a runner can run after getting a plantar plate injury.

Can’t figure out how You Can Run Now?

I teach doctors how to treat stress fractures. I’ll show what it really takes to RUN AND STILL HEAL! (even if you have a plantar plate injury).

Did your doctor tell you Stop Running?

Learn why doctors say “stop running”and why YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUIT RUNNING! (and why NOT running puts runners at risk of more injuries.)

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This free video training will help you as a runner understand how to treat your plantar plate sprain in a way that will help you keep running, no matter which stage of trouble.

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