#884 Which comes first after plantar plate heals running or dress shoes - DOC

#884 Which comes first after plantar plate heals running or dress shoes

Which comes first after my plantar plate sprain heals, will I be running, or will I be wearing dress shoes? Well, that is s a good question and that is what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.



This was an interesting question that I had not gotten before and this came from a runner who had a plantar plate injury. He has been doing really well. He had a long course of sort of misdiagnosis, mistreatment and so on. But when we started working together, he started to do some specific things to improve really quickly, and he is doing great now.

He asked a really good question because I said, “Look, I think you are good. You are going to start doing all these exercises. You are going to be back to running, everything’s going to be fine. And he said, since he was wearing some specific shoes with some specific modifications, to actually decrease the stress and strain to the plantar plate ligament, he asked her totally valid question. He said, “Which is going to come first? Am I going to be running first or am I going to be able to wear a dress shoes first?” Because I know the dress shoes are kind of risky since they put more direct pressure and more strain on the plantar plate ligament. However, I am just curious like should I work be like walking in dress shoes before I am running or the other way around.

Again, interesting question. I just never thought about it before and I said, “No question, you are going to be running first. Why? Well, there’s more room for protection.” You do not want to bend the toes when you have a plantar plate ligament injury. So, if you are wearing running shoes that protect you that are stiff, that are protective, that have accommodations to decrease the direct pressure on the ligament, those things fit in a running shoe. They do not fit in most dress shoes.

Most dress shoes have very thin soles, they are usually flexible. So, that is more direct pressure, it is more bending of the shoe and that in itself is a problem. So, if you are healing a plantar plate injury, and you are curious about what the progression is going to be, yeah, for most people, I would expect that they would be running way before I would feel comfortable than for them wearing dress shoes for any exterior extended period of time.

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