#602 How do you stay motivated when injured? - DOC

#602 How do you stay motivated when injured?

Today on the Doc on the Run podcast, we’re asking a question, how do you stay motivated when you are injured?



It really seems incredible to me that we now have over 600 episodes of the Doc on the Run podcast and today’s episode is a little different. Then I actually want to ask you a question: How do you stay motivated when you’ve been injured?

Now I am really interested to know, because I think this is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete when you’re recovering from an over-training injury. Many people think it’s about the stretching or the treatment, the pills, whatever, but really what’s most important when you’re a runner is making sure you don’t lose all your motivation and that you don’t lose all of your running fitness.

Much of what I’ve actually learned that seems to really help in runners recover faster is not stuff I even learned in medical school. Much of the strategies and techniques that seem to work best with runners, I’ve actually learned in large part from seeing how creative injured runners like you can be.

If you can’t run, you have to do something different. But you have to maintain your fitness while you’re recovering. That requires effort, attention, and creativity to stay motivated. So let me know how you do it. I really am interested to know, and I want to see what you do to stay motivated. What really helps you?

So if you can, take a screenshot of this episode. Share it on social media. Let’s find out what other people think and you can add this as a comment on one of the YouTube videos, on any of the social media channels for Doc on the Run, or you can even send it to me via email to podcastquestion@docontherun.com. But I really want to know what you’re doing to stay motivated when you’ve been injured. So thanks again for listening. Hope to find out your answers, and I’ll see you in the neck episode of the Doc on the Run Podcast.