#548 Get back to running in 30 days with Jill Angie Not Your Average Runner - DOC

#548 Get back to running in 30 days with Jill Angie Not Your Average Runner

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about how you can get back to running in 30 days.



When other doctors ask me what I do, I tell them rather simply I help runners figure out how to stay fit, hang onto their running fitness and get back to running as quickly as possible.

The one thing that every injured runner has in common with all of the other injured runners is that self-criticism starts to work against you. And even when you get over your injury and you start running again, it’s really easy to compare yourself to others, and even worse to your pre-injured, fully-trained and most-fit self.

The other day I was talking to a woman, who wanted my help and wanted to schedule a consultation, and she committed what I call the cardinal sin of runner-self-criticism.

She said, “I know you only work with runners. I only ran 2.65 miles yesterday, and so I am not really a runner.”

When she said that, I not only immediately thought of Jill Angie from the Not Your Average Runner Podcast…but I found myself quoting her!!!

And the very next day I asked Jill if she would come back on the show to share some of her insight, wisdom and glowing energy with all of you today.

So Jill, welcome to the show!

For those of you that don’t know her, Jill is the Oprah of runners. (and Just so you know, that’s my description not hers. She is way too humble to put herself in that camp. But if you listened to her show you will see what I mean.

Jill is positive, endlessly uplifting and one of my favorite podcast hosts. Be told, whenever up had one of those days where everything just seems to go sideways I actually listen to Jill and the not your average runner podcast on my run in those particular afternoons.

I know you have a talent for working with runners who were just getting started with running. In fact, I think you actually created something called the “30 day running start kit.” Tell us about how that project got started, and how it’s helping your audience right now.

Let’s talk about self-care in the injured runner. How do you think recovering runners can stay positive….if we work within the framework you created in the “30 day running start kit.”

If you had a client, a runner who was doing great, got a stress fracture was told not to run for months and lost their fitness…and finally…got cleared to run, what advice would you offer.

Why do you think so many runners get injured, and what do you think is the most helpful way to avoid running injuries from overtraining?

Tell us where we can follow you, find you reach out to you, and listen to your show?