#355 If you’re not healing fast, it’s not a priority - DOC

#355 If you’re not healing fast, it’s not a priority

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about how if you’re not healing fast is just not a priority. 

In this episode we’re talking about how it is that it’s really just not a priority if you’re not healing fast and I know that that’s going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. But all I do is talk to injured runners, I see people in person and on Zoom and I see these people who are athletes who know what it takes to recover, who know what it takes to heal. And yet they’re not doing some of the stuff that they would normally do in training and it’s crazy.

But it’s true, if you’re not actually healing as fast as you want to it is just not a priority. I mean I talked to somebody the other day who said that he was trying to lose some weight but he already felt like he was off track and it’s only a couple weeks into the new year. 

Look, the fact is that if you can’t get up and exercise, if you can’t take the time to prepare meals and eat food that is not junk food or whatever, it’s just not a priority for you. I mean that’s not a judgment, it’s just a fact. Whatever we prioritize gets priority in our lives and if we are not really taking the time to pay attention to how we sleep, how we eat, how much stress we have applied to the injured tissue, for not doing all of those things it’s because it’s not a priority.

I hate to say this but a lot of the runners I see when I see them for a second opinion when they call me and I talk to them, we have an hour long conversation about what’s been going on and why they are not getting better, a lot of times these runners blame their previous doctor for not getting better. But then the only thing a runner is actually doing is waiting to heal. It’s like waiting to get rich. You have to do something. 

If you want to get faster, you want to get strong in your training, you know that you have to go do the work. Your coach it’s not going to give you a training plan and then you’re going to wait for it to take effect, you have to do something. You have to take action. You have to get up off the couch, put on your shoes and run. 

And when you’re recovering, you have to do the same thing. You actually have to figure out what it is that you can do to maintain your running fitness, strengthen and everything else that can support that one injured part so that you can get back to running sooner. You have to figure out what you can do to remain active right now. Not wait for six weeks or three months or some other ridiculous timeline just because that’s what normal people normally do. You are a runner. You’re not a normal person. 

In the same way that you get faster when you’re training and you make it a priority in your life. If you make it a priority that you want to heal and you want to recover, you will. Simple as that. 

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I’ll see you in the training.


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