#269 If you are injured and want to run define your goal - DOC

#269 If you are injured and want to run define your goal

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about why you should define your goal if you are injured and want to run.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

                                                      – Lewis Carroll

You cannot plan a trip without a destination.  And you cannot expect to heal as fast as possible if you do not have a clear goal and a defined timeline.

1. If you are injured and you want to run, you need to define your goal.

What race do you want to do? When?

How soon do you want to work out?

When do you really want to run again?

2. Once you know your goal, you can start mapping the trip.

What vehicle will get you there?

Do you need a bone stimulator?

Is there something you can do with your nutrition to make your injury

heal faster?

Do you need expert advice?

Who do you need to talk to to get the best medical advice?

The quality of the medical advice you get will depend on the clarity

of your running goals.

No doctor…not the one in your neighborhood…not the one who comes

highly recommended by your running coach…not me…NO doctor can give

you the best advice unless you have clarity on your running goals.

If you don’t have clarity on your running goals, do not expect any

doctor to give you the best advice or the most effective treatment.

Running injury treatment needs to be tailored to you, your specific injury, the

severity of your injury and your unique running goals.

Get the Injured Runner’s Goal Worksheet. Download it. Print it out.

Fill it out. Get clear on your goals.

Then and only then…speak with a running injury expert and get back

on the fast track to running.

One simple step you can take is start with the Healing Runner’s Goal Worksheet. 

It will help you take what you know about goal setting in running and use what you already know to focus your healing. It’s free.

Go get it now!

Healing Runner’s Goal Worksheet










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