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Upcoming Webinars!

LIVE Training Sessions

for Recovering Runners

If you want to really understand what it takes to fully recover and return to running, these is no better place than these webinars! All of these live training sessions are based on the exact same strategies I use with elite athletes and those I teach to doctors at medical conferences. 

Every talk is customized just for for runners like you! 

Sign up, show up, ask question and get back on track!  

Here’s what is coming up next….

Stress Fracture…How bad is it?






Runner’s Heel Pain. How to decide if you can run.





Am I ready to run? How to tell if its safe to run again.







The worst thing for a recovering runner is a another injury.

These webinars will teach you why injured runners get re-injured so frequently.

You will learn some simple strategies to help you determine, all on your own, when it is safe for you to begin running with a much lower risk of re-injury.

Learn the strategies I teach to doctors at medical conferences. I will share the tips and tricks to figuring out whether or not you are really ready to run no matter what stage of recovery.

At the end of the presentation we will also have a LIVE Q&A session where you can ask any questions related to your stage of recovery and return to running.

See you there!





Dr. Christopher Segler
Award Winning Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Ironman All-World Athlete
15-Time Ironman Finisher
Board Certified, ABPM