Dr Segler knows his stuff, period - DOC

Dr Segler knows his stuff, period

Dr Segler knows his stuff, period.  I was in a horrible car accident and got hit by a drunk driver.  Broke my pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula on my right side.  As a result, i have a slight limp and a unique gait.  My right foot was bugging me and i got fitted for customer orthotics.  Dr Segler went above and beyond making three trips to get my orthotics just right and customize them to my feet for maximum comfort.  Beyond just orthotics the guy has sound medical knowledge and, this is the best part, knows how to listen.  Ive seen 6-9 doctors since my accident and Dr Segler was the best listener.  As a result, i got xrays that we discussed and discovered i still have a “boney block” in my right ankle.  I am going to have a small procedure to fix the block and give me more range of motion in my right leg.  This should be the last of my procedures (for now) and i think this will get me back to 100 percent – Dr Segler is a huge part of my recent comfort with his orthotics and he helped me find out what else was wrong with me so i can treat the issue and get back to 100 percent.  Thanks Dr Segler.  Oh and he makes house calls??  Who makes house calls these days??  Dr Segler does!  So easy.  I also got my orthotics covered by insurance and Dr S gave me all the paperwork to make it easy breezy.” 

      P. W., San Francisco, CA