Dr. Segler is quite simply fantastic - DOC

Dr. Segler is quite simply fantastic

“Dr. Segler is quite simply fantastic.  He came to my house.  Imagine that?  We sat together and he explained how and why my foot was hurting.  (I’d taken his x-ray order and shared the results of an MRI with him days before our appoitnment.)

Unlike other sports med podiatrist I’d consulted, he left me with several alternatives for coping with my problem.  He listened to everything I said, responded in ways that let me know he actually heard me and shared a little of his own experience with exercise, pain, and healing.

He also encouraged me to email him with questions or just to let him know how I was doing.  Best of all, his suggested treatment is yielding results so far.  And, when I emailed him, he answered me promptly.  

What could be better than working with a doctor whose humanity is palpable and whose knowledge and skill are extraordinary? Oh, and he comes to your house: no driving, no parking, no waiting room, no receptionist, just Dr. Segler himself.”

       Vina W., Palo Alto, CA.