Dr. Segler is a rare and exceptional physician! - DOC

Dr. Segler is a rare and exceptional physician!

Dr. Segler is a rare and exceptional physician! I consider myself very fortunate to have found him. As a veteran marathon and ultra-runner, I’ve been struggling for years with a chronic and complex heel condition that has eluded numerous specialists. None have been willing or able to take the time needed to figure out what is going on and how to treat it. With Dr. Segler, it was immediately apparent that I’d finally found a doctor with genuine interest in me as an athlete and my returning to sport as a very high priority. Connecting with Dr. Segler has, for the first time since injury, given me a real sense of hope that I will be able to keep doing what I love. 

Dr. Segler’s knowledge of sports issues and treatments is expert and formidable. He is compassionate, patient and available to a degree that is completely unique. He is professional, yet warm and down-to-earth. Never brisk, impatient, condescending or elusive, Dr. Segler answers every question carefully and takes time and interest in educating his patient. He offers a perspective that only a doctor who is himself an endurance athlete can possess. His rates are very reasonable. With quick availability, he comes to your home and takes the time needed to do a careful history, analysis and treatment plan. He’s waded through various bureaucracies on my behalf in order to get important tests done correctly. Dr. Segler is a true advocate, whose first priority is getting the job done for his patient. He is available directly by phone or email, with prompt response – hours or even minutes. How unusual is that? Amazing!

If you’re an athlete of any type (or non-athlete, for that matter), dealing with a foot or ankle issue – you’ve found you’re Doc, hands down. Dr. Segler is one of a kind!” 

       Erik C., Albany, CA