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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Most of the runners who call me for a telemedicine second opinion ask the wrong questions.

In fact, If most of these runners asked their own doctors the right questions when they went into the doctor’s office, they likely wouldn’t even need a second opinion consultation with an expert.

The real key is to focus on activity, not injury.

In the PDF you can get below, you can ask your doctor some very specific questions to help direct your visit away form problems and toward solutions.

If you don’t stop and ask your doctor these specific questions, it’s unlikely that they’re going to offer all of these various treatment options to you because they just don’t have time to talk about it, they’re not going to bring it up. They usually bring up those things later when it’s been a long time and you’re not healing.

I spoke to someone who called me yesterday who had an injury. He’s been injured for 10 months and he said, “Well, should it take this long?” Let me think about it. No matter what the injury is and how long it’s been, 10 months is way too long. 10 months is too long to be injured when you’re a runner. 

Think about right now. If your injury, your foot, your ankle, your Achilles tendon, whatever it is that’s bothering you right now, if you thought about what it would be like if this thing was continuing to heal and still wasn’t better and you still weren’t running 10 months from now, what would that be like for you?

If you really think about how agonizing that would be, you understand how important it would be to start considering those more advanced treatments and the things that can actually get you back on track right now, you don’t need to wait. 

Go print out the top 10 questions a runner should ask when going to the doctor, fill it out, take it with you, fill it out as you’re at the doctor’s office to fill in those specific questions, and use that to help you get back on track and to develop a plan with your doctor to get back to running sooner.

If you have a question that you would like answered as a future addition of the Doc On The Run Podcast, send it to me PodcastQuestion@docontherun.com. And then make sure you join me for the next edition of the Doc On The Run Podcast!

Ultra Marathon Runner Custom Orthotics Experience

Custom orthotics aren’t for everyone…in fact most runners don’t need them at all. But for Lauren, custom orthotics were the difference between DNF and successfully running 100 mile trail races. Here’s what she has to say about the experience of getting injures and then getting back to running with the help of custom orthotics from Doc On The Run. (Disclaimer: Results not typical. Individual outcomes may vary. Never start a new exercise program without consulting your doctor. Never try to run 100 miles or compete with Lauren, without talking to your doctor first.)

Ultra Marathon Runner

Great Doc!

Great doc! I saw Dr. Segler for ankle trouble. It turns out I had a bad case of tendinitis from running. Because he’s an athlete and an ankle/foot doctor he was very familiar with the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Segler got me in a boot and into PT as fast as he could…he knew I wanted to heal quickly. I was able to learn from him about what was going on in my ankle with minimal medical terminology to confuse me. He knew how to talk to me as a person not just an ankle to be fixed..for me that’s just as important as being able to diagnose my problem correctly. I would definitely recommend seeing him and would do so myself if he didn’t live 3,000 miles away 🙂

Rachel P.
runner and former tendinitis sufferer

Dr. Segler Is Very Knowledgeable And Provides A Great Service

I am a runner with knee and back issues. I am also a nationally touring musician which makes it difficult to get health care when I need it. Given that we were in town for just one day with a jam-packed schedule, Dr. Segler, who is also a runner and very knowledgeable about my issues, actually drove into town and waited until our show ended well after midnight. He actually hand-casted me for my orthotics back stage in the dressing room after our gig. When my orthotics were ready, he shipped them to my home, free of charge.” Dr. Segler is very knowledgeable and provides a great service. Thanks you very much….

Vinnie A.
runner, rock star (really).

He Has Given Me A New Lease On Life

I had suffered for many years with foot problems, especially my left foot, to the point where I thought pain was normal! I had been to several podiatrists over the years with minimal results. I became a patient of Dr. Segler’s when he was practicing in Chattanooga, TN. He diagnosed the problems I was having, operated twice on my left foot and the pain is gone! He has given me a new lease on life. He is professional, skilled, and most important to me, he is a doctor who really cares about his patients. I will always be grateful to Dr. Segler.

Rena K.
former long-term sufferer of foot pain

Dr. Segler Was Successful In Helping Me Become More Pain Free

I was a patient of Dr. Seglers when he practicing in Chattanooga. As a medical professional in radiology, i know the importance of great foot care. I had several issues with my feet and Dr. Segler was successful in helping me become more pain free. He was also very helpful in lifestyle changes and products that i needed to make my life more easier. I am greatful for the care that I received from him while he was here.

Jayne H.

Bursa Issue Healed

My bursa issue under my right heel is now completely healed. I just finished an 8 mile run and absolutely no pain. Thank you so very much for the spot on diagnosis where so many had gone wrong.

C. S.

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