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#312 Injured runner underdog advantage

In the pursuit of any running goal you really are only in competition with yourself.

When you become injured, you immediately give yourself an underdog status.

You start to think about all of the problems that your injury presents to prevent you from completing the workouts that you previously believed would make it possible for you to achieve your goal.

Of course, none of that is true. All of those problems we call “reasons” are really just excuses.

There is always a way.

One thing I know for sure. Every runner I have ever worked with you got injured and then set a new P.R. working from an underdog advantage.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast were talking about Injured runner underdog advantage.

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#298 Ultra Injury Prevention with Running Stupid host Ken Michal

If you want to complete an ultramarathon, you will have to put in lots of training. One of the big keys to successfully training for an ultra-marathon is to log lots of miles without getting sick or injured.

Ken Michal has stood on the starting line of almost every significant ultra, including Western States 100 and multiple rounds of the HURT 100.

And when I asked him about what it takes to successfully train for these kind of ultras, he says, “You’re going to hate me for saying this, but its risk and reward.”

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we are talking with Coach Ken Michal, host of the Running Stupid Podcast about recovery, rehab and injury prevention when training for ultras.

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#297 Ultra-Recovery with Lucy Bartholomew

Lucy Bartholomew went from running with her dad at 15 to finishing on the top of the podium at some biggest ultras around the globe, all while esteeming course records in the process. 

Not surprisingly, her travel, training and race schedule keeps her pretty busy so it has taken almost a year of trying to get Lucy on the show, but with some luck we are able to have her here today to talk about her strategies and tactics on staying healthy, and recovering effectively while training for ultra-marathons.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we are talking with Lucy Bartholomew about the strategies you use to recover quickly after an Ultra before you resume training for the next event.

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#155 Hydration tips for runners with Josh Sprague of Orange Mud

Hydration is one of the limiters for many runners. It seems like often-missed, low hanging fruit that has the potential to boost performance in long events like marathons and ultra-marathons. 

I know as runners we all want to focus on working harder, suffering more and trying to come up with some new technique or training plan that’s going to get us faster and stronger. But in many cases when we are already training at a high-level there are very few gains to be made by working harder. Some of the biggest gains actually come from small changes in other areas, like improving nutrition, improving the quality of our sleep or by maintaining a state of optimal hydration. 

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we are talking about staying hydrated during your long runs with Josh Sprague, endurance athlete, and founder of Orange Mud. 

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