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#319 Two perspectives for recovering runners

Everything about the process of training is inherently inspiring and aspirational. It is all positive, and with each step of the process we get the opportunity to make a conscious decision to move forward.

Overcoming a running injury is inherently negative. It just feels like damage control mode. Running injuries feel more about digging yourself out of a hole, and less about accomplishing something significant.

Every over training injury is unique and can have a unique healing timeline. But it all depends upon what you do.

How can you make the mental shift between a coaches plan a doctor’s plan?

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast were talking about two perspectives for recovering runners.

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#249 Execute your healing plan with the same tenacity you execute a training plan

When you decide to sign up for a race, you start training.

You follow a specific plan that you know will get you stronger and stronger, day-by-day.

You make a plan to get to your race, prepared to achieve your goal time.

But what happens when you get injured?

You basically do something completely opposite, completely different, and not at all in alignment with the strengthening process that you know works when you’re training.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about why you need to execute your healing plan with the same tenacity you execute a training plan.

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#233 Failure to trust causes running injuries

All overtraining injuries are the result of too much tissue damage, without enough recovery to fully heal, before the next workout “causes” a running injury.

My personal belief is that most running injuries are the result of failing to trust your training plan and your coach.

You need a coach to help you stay on track.

I think a coach is someone who can quiet your fears when its time to push the limits. Someone who truly know the difference between fear, pain and real danger.

But you have to trust your coach if you want to ride that line.

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about how failure to trust causes running injuries.

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