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#377 Does plantar plate sprain cause tight calves

A plantar plate ligament sprain can cause aching pain in the ball of the foot when you run.

Plantar plate sprains are caused by excess stress applied to the ligament at the base of the toe. 

If you want to heal it and keep running, you have to decrease the stress and strain on the plantar plate, and address the root cause of the injury.

A runner with a plantar plate sprain, and tight calf muscles, had a great question:

Does the plantar plate ligament cause tight calf muscles, or can a tight calf muscle cause a plantar plate sprain?

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether a plantar plate sprain causes tight calf muscles in runners, or other way around.

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#255 3 Torn plantar plate treatment options

A torn plantar plate can be one of the most frustrating injuries for a runner.

A runner who has been following many of the suggestions regarding ways to reduce the stress and strain on the plantar plate ligament, has been treating the injury on her own and was getting better.

Then she recently got a set back and understandably got super frustrated.

But like most strong runners, she is focusing on the possible solutions instead of wallowing in self pity.

She wrote in and said…

I am desperate to be able to even walk barefoot without pain, to be able to run on the treadmill and jump !! I am wondering whether it is worth trying the following :
1. Massage
2. Ultrasound therapy
3. Plasma Therapy

Today on the Doc On Run Podcast we’re talking about 3 different torn plantar plate injury treatment options worth considering.

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