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#768 What is the sinus tarsi?

I get lots of questions about “sinus tarsi syndrome” in runners.

It seems like most runners who call me don’t even really know what it is.

The sinus tarsi is not a structure, so much as a space.

That space contains some structures that can cause pain after an ankle sprain. The sinus tarsi may also ache in flatfooted runners as well.

The sinus tarsi confuses many runners because it is kind of in the ankle, but kind of in the foot as well.

What is the sinus tarsi?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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#287 3 causes of sinus tarsi syndrome in runners

If you are a runner and you have a weird aching pain, and you’re not really even sure if it’s in your foot or your ankle you may have a condition called sinus tarsi syndrome.

When a doctor tells you you developed a case of sinus tarsi syndrome That just means that you have irritated and inflamed the lining of the subtalar joint.

So of course as a runner suffering from this condition and trying to figure out what to do, so you don’t get it again, it may be helpful if you can understand the three common causes of sinus tarsi syndrome in runners.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about three causes of sinus tarsi syndrome in runners.

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Sinus Tarsi Syndrome in Runners

 Subscribe: iTunes | Android Today on the Doc On The Run podcast were talking about Sinus Tarsi syndrome on runners. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome What is sinus tarsi syndrome? I mean it sounds like a complicated name but it’s not really a complicated condition. The “sinus” means basically like a tube or a passageway and […]

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