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#668 Lacing running shoes with bursitis from tailor’s bunion

One of my Elite Access patients sent me a message. He was having pain from an inflamed Tailor’s bunion bursa at the base of the pinky toe.

He got a bigger shoe with a wider toe box that decreased the pressure. But when he was running, his foot was sliding around in the shoe, and it was still causing a problem.

He asked me if there was any solution. And yes, there is…

Today, on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about how you can lace your running shoes differently when you have bursitis pain from a tailor’s bunion.

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#572 How to lace running shoes with extensor tenosynovitis

If you get pain on the top of the foot when you’re running you might discover you have a painful condition called extensor tenosynovitis.

“Tenosynovitis” just means you have irritation and inflammation within the tendon sheath, or the little tube that surrounds the extensor tendons that fan out toward the toes on the top of the foot.

There are really 2 keys to calming the tendon sheath. You have to decrease the inflammation with the tendon sheath. But you also have to stop irritating the swollen tissue inside the tendon sheath. The easiest way to stop that irritation when you run is to stop putting pressure right on that irritated spot.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how to lace your running shoes when you have extensor tenosynovitis.

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