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#689 How your running shoe insert can show risk of plantar plate sprain

One of the worst injuries you can get when you’re a runner is a plantar plate sprain. It’s a stretching, a straining, a tearing of this tiny little ligament at the ball of the foot called the plantar plate.

Every time I do a second opinion consultation over webcam for a runner with a suspected plantar plate sprain, I ask them to do one simple thing.

I want to look at the insert in their running shoe: “Go get it, right now, preferably one you’ve been running in for a long time, not a brand new one.”

Pull out the insert and let’s see what the wear pattern shows us.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about how your running shoe insert can actually show whether or not you’re at risk of a plantar plate sprain.

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