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#451 Pick your running coach wisely

Most of the runners who call me when they are inured have hired a running coach. Some of them don’t realize they have a running coach.
A coach is someone who one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs strategy.
When you sign up for online coaching, and get a marathon training plan, you hired a coach.
When you go to the doctor and ask for help with a stress fracture you hired a coach.
Both of them are supposed to be helping you (in different ways) get to the finish line.
Today on the Don On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how to pick your running coach wisely.

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#363 Why runners need to flirt with overtraining injury

If you hire a running coach, your coach is going to design a program that is going to actually test you physically and mentally, and push you to your physiologic limits on a regular basis to make you stronger.
Any running coach will give you a series of workouts to execute.
And when you do runs correctly then what happens is that you do the maximum amount of tissue damage that your body can sustain and rebuild before your next workout.
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about why runners need to flirt with overtraining injury.

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