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#569 Find your #1 missing piece in running injury recovery

Think about what happens when you start running.

You decide you want to run. You make a decision, then you go out and you actually run.

You start working on your running form. Maybe you hire a coach You add a little speed work. You also start doing some strength training to supplement your running fitness. Eventually you even start working on your pacing strategies for your races.

These are all things that are important pieces of running. But thinking about your pacing strategy when you haven’t even started running is a really bad idea. It doesn’t matter what you think about pacing if you can’t actually run the whole distance.

There is a most important piece, at each point in the process. This is especially true in running injury recovery as well.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about finding your number one missing piece in your running injury recovery.

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