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#622 Foot Fungus Pro Tip: Wear old socks to the airport

I was just speaking at a medical conference in Las Vegas, and of course I flew on a plane to get there. 
To me, as a podiatrist, the most dangerous two spots in the airport are in the security screening line. 

I don’t like standing on those yellow footprints in the security scanner spots because I think it’s a little gross to stand without shoes, where thousands of people a day step barefoot. 

I see people in airports with fungal toenails and with athlete’s foot infections. I can see the skin on their feet peeling, and I know exactly what’s happening. 
When that skin is peeling they are shedding live fungal filaments and fungal spores everywhere they step.

And I worry that travelers are depositing, sharing and spreading foot fungus on those yellow footprints. 
Want a foot fungus pro tip? Well, I’m going to give you one. Wear old socks to the airport.

It might be kinda gross, but that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run podcast.

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