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#823 Last chance option to avoid non-union surgery in a runner

Today’s episode applies to any injured running pondering surgery.

I just spoke to a runner who was told she might need surgery to fix a non-union of a metatarsal fracture.

I said, “Look, you have two choices. You can have surgery or not have surgery.”

We talked about what it meant if she did have surgery in terms of her recovery. And we also talked about how she could potentially get it to heal without having all the risk associated with surgery.

What is the very last option you can do as a runner to avoid surgery?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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Eat like you are racing and recover like a champion

Every time you go out for a run you deliberately damage the muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments just enough to stimulate healing response that makes them stronger. An overtraining injury is nothing more then a little bit too much tissue damage, in one particular tissue. That damaged tissue doesn’t fully repair itself before you run and injure it again with the next work out on your training calendar. That’s when muscle soreness turns into a muscle strain. It is when a normal stress response in your metatarsal bone turns into a metatarsal stress reaction or full blown stress fracture. If you are training for a marathon, your number one priority is to make sure you are recovering fast enough to avoid an over training injury. If you are an inured runner, your number one priority is rebuild that injured tissue so you can get back to running. I get asked all the time about what runners need to eat in order to rebuild tissue. And recently I was thinking about how it’s not really so much what you eat as how often you eat. Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about how if you eat like you are racing you will recover like a champion.

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The best diet for runners is Consistency

If you are runner trying to get down to your race weight, you may be considering a new diet.

If you are a runner trying to build more muscle, or build tissue faster after workouts to recover faster, you might need to modify your diet.

I get questions about diet nutrition all the time from injured runners.

Do you really need more protein?

Do you really need to eat like a cave man?

Do you really need to build protein with protein?

Do you have to eat protein or meat to build protein?

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about how the best diet for runners is consistency.

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